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Aviv Travel is the official partner and travel agency of the Hungarian Jewish Community

Our travel agency was called to life for the primary purpose of filling in a missing gap in tourism, by introducing the rich Jewish cultural- and religious heritage in Hungary. We are specialists in the organization of Jewish communities' tours inland and abroad.

We offer:

  • Jewish cultural and religious heritage tours in Hungary
  • Flight ticket booking
  • Cultural and religious tours to Israel at special rates
  • Leisure- and business trips to Israel
  • Complete tourist service of Israeli companies operating in Hungary
  • Travel insurance

Besides our own tours, we offer a wide selection of trips organized by outstanding local and international travel agencies. The client's utmost comfort is our main concern!

Inbound tourism is of significant importance to us. Our experienced team welcomes all those interested in Hungarian culture, Jewish tradition and religion.

We are well known experts in catering to all sorts of client needs within the framework of the Jewish Summer Festival, whether it is individuals, or groups.

Aviv Travel is also in charge of selling entrance tickets to the Dohany Street Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. Upon request we provide professional, experienced guides and foreign language speaking drivers.

Our office is located within the Budapest Jewish Community's headquarters.

1075 Budapest, Sip u. 12.

Dear Future Partner,
Put our team to the test! We are confident that you will have a pleasant experience and that we can greet you soon among our permanent partners!

Vera Vadas
Aviv Travel